Thursday, December 02, 2010

Once We Attack... We Go Through

"One thing that I see that maybe different (from all other martial arts) is this: when we fight in Kendo, once we attack... we go through. We keep constant pressure and keep hitting even beyond the point of contact. This action teaches that no matter what, even if we get hit... we need to keep going after our goal. Focus on the target and don't let anything stop you. Don't give up chasing your goals. That is something that is unique to the art of Kendo." - Masashi Shikai

Above is my favorite part of the interview given by Masashi Shikai, Head Master of Chuo Kendo Dojo (7th Dan and one of the last students of the legendary Kendo master, Torao Mori Sensei) to Masters Martial Arts Magazine about the art of Kendo and how the USA Team he led made history defeating the Japanese Team during the 13 World Championship in Taipei, Taiwan. Yes, I'm proud to have him as my Master.